Day to Dusk New Zealand

Day to Dusk

Want the Twilight look without being there for Twilight?

Image Edits has various styles and price points to convert daytime images into twilight/nighttime images to grab the attention of potential buyers for the property.


$5.00 Per Image

Currency: NZD


12 - 48 Hrs

Turnaround Time, 98% of jobs are delivered before the due date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Day to Dusk Service. If you have a question and its not displayed below, feel free to contact us, via the bottom right hand corner live chat or send us an email at:

What are the accepted payment methods?
We currently only accept payments via credit card. This includes Visa, MasterCard and American Express. If you're located in Australia, contact us and we can organise a bank transfer if you are not able to make payment via credit card.
What photography shooting method is ideal?
Whatever shooting method you decide to use, we are able to work with you and your methods to get the desired result. Most common methods are bracketed ambient and flambient, but we also work with a single image, single flash, smartphone and so on. No matter the starting position we will do our best to get the desired result. For my photography business, we personally aim for speed on-site, so we shoot 3 brackets 3ev apart raw images.
How long wil i have access to my photos?
We are aiming to store your images for as long as possible, allowing you to have access to images whenever you need them. We guarantee a minimum of 12 months, and if anything is going to change with your content, you will be notified months in advance.
What image formats are accepted?
We accept all image formats from jpeg to raw formats. We personally recommend raw with a max size of 24MB, if your raw images are greater than this, we recommend converting them to dng and keeping the size below 20MB. For my personal photographer business, we raw images converted to dng images at around the 8MB file size, from our research the difference in terms of image flexibility between dng 8MB and sony arw 24mp file was quite minimal.
How to request adjustments?
Best way to request adjustments is to use the live chat in the bottom right corner. Please provide what you'd like adjusted and also the order-id if you have it. We will do our best to make the adjustments to the standard you need.
Any discounts offered for high volume of jobs?
Generally, we dont provide any discounts. We have tried to provide the best pricing we can from the get-go, without affecting quality and consistency, which are our two primary goals.

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